since 1986
Projects in ground water protection, dump protection, vertical and horizontal sealing of dumps (Frankfurt-Dreieich, Bruchsal, Limburg-Offheim, Wicker, Heiler, etc.), construction sites, inherited waste, waste consulting


Geological engineer (tunnel construction, ground
and rock mechanics, tectonics) at TH Karlsruhe

since 1993

Trainings for environmental management (EMAS, DIN EN ISO 14001/9001)

Supervision of projects such as EMAS I (Hessen,Bavaria),
Introduction of environmental, quality, health and safety management systems at several KMU's

since 1994

Audits for more than 400 companies in order of TÜV SÜD, NSF-ISR and other accredited certifiers


Company foundation
Consulting, seminars and audits for national and international customers